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Powder-Free Latex Gloves and Nitrile Gloves

PROSEPT® markets a number of powder-free latex and nitrile gloves. All our gloves are medical grade and exceed current governmental standards. Disposable gloves play a crucial role in infection control, protecting staff and patients alike. Our latex gloves offer excellent tactile properties, strength and good resistant to chemicals while our nitrile gloves are a great alternative for those who suffer from latex allergy. In general, nitrile gloves are stronger than latex gloves and therefore are more resistant to chemicals. Our disposable gloves conform to the highest standards and are sourced from quality manufacturers. All our gloves are available in various sizes.

Infection Control Term of the Day
Method of staining bacteria developed by and named for Hans Christian Gram. This staining process is one of the main ways of differentiating bacteria and can predict antibiotic susceptibility in some cases. After treating and rinsing bacteria with Gram staining (multistep process with counterstaining), bacteria that retain blue/dark purple staining in their cell wall are considered Gram positive and those that appear pink are considered Gram negative.
Infection Control Checklists